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Originally Posted by BrattyS View Post
I was no weight baring for... I think it was 19 weeks. I went from wheel chair to walking (not even a boot) It took a LONG time to feel somewhat normal. About 14 months. I think now I am just used to the constant "weird feeling". It reminds me of the injury when I walk a lot.

I hate days when all you can think about it the food you can't have. I usually struggle badly about a week and a half in. This time just feels different. I need this to happen. I do not want another summer being the fat chick. I have 8 months to lose 50 pounds. I intend to do it a lot sooner.

That funny that you are craving something you don't even eat. The tricks our brains play on us.... Hang in there. You CAN do this. Splurge on the mayo if it keeps you on plan. Just don't make enough to over do it.

If you like wings... find a seasoning you like mix it with a little olive oil and bake the crap out of them to make them a little crispy. I do take most of the skin off after they are cooked. That is what I have been eating the last 2 days. I need to go shopping, I am running out of meat.

Your house projects sound exhausting. Don't over do it. You know... That might be why you are craving some foods. Maybe you are burning a lot of calories to do the work. Maybe adding a little extra fat would help with the cravings. I have been starving since moving this stupid tree!

I am off to be lazy. Tomorrow, no tree work. Church and some light cleaning in the house.
Oh I'm having serious cravings tonight. Because I ate my dinner so early because I had skipped all my little snacks, I then had to fry up 2 eggs. That worked for an hour and now I'm cruising the kitchen. So I had stocked up on sugar free far free puddings, and with the unsweetened almond milk I could eat half that bowl for only 75 cals. Guess what's cooling in my fridge? Yep butterscotch pudding. I gotta check the carbs too but I only have 5 so far for the day, so I'm pretty sure I'll be fine there too. And I haven't even hit 700 cals for the day so it's fine there. I don't like relying on fake sugar products and try to stay far away. But there is a few thing around for emergencies. Also have some sugar free gummie bears in a drawer but rarely touch them.

Might not see a loss from being less strict but there's no way I could gain real weight. It will just help me set up for my next woosh. And I hope if I do eat half of it the fake sugar doesn't bother my tummy.

Going to go read some old threads for inspiration, doing that helps keep me on track.
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