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Went over to the cottage for the morning. Started tearing down the drywall in the dining room. We were leaving it. I attempted today to take the wallpaper off and the first layer came no problem with a wallpaper steamer, then I discovered the layer underneath. Didn't think it was possible to be uglier but ding ding ding we have a winner! and that one has to be original 1950, year the house was born. It wouldn't come off at all and kept tearing into the drywall. So drywall is ruined, started tearing it out. Glad it's not a big room and the bottom half of the room has gorgeous wood up to chair rail height. Then a closet and 2 windows plus the opening into the kitchen so there really isn't much to tear out, basically around the sides of doors and windows and above them.

Stuck to plan, kinda think I'll see a drop tomorrow. Had shrimp for dinner. Haddock for dinner tomorrow. If I find time I'm going to try to think up a "tartar" sauce. If you guys have any ideas for that, throw em at me!
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