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Morning! 123.8 today -- YIPPY YIPPY YIPPY! I haven't seen that number in probably a year, and even then it didn't last and was only running-induced dehydration. It is going to stick this time!! It's only a .6 drop from last week -- but that's ok because I had some higher carb/cal days last weekend and was still able to lose. I will probably be doing that again this weekend. I guess that's what I'm most excited about, being able to have flexibility, not gain, and even lose a little.

So, 3.8 lbs to go to hit my goal. Yesterday I wasn't even that great either because I wasn't as on point as I should have been... I had eggs in the morning and then brought broasted chicken without skin for lunch. I think it was spoiled or something, it had a really weird taste like it was going bad (gross!!) so I threw it away. By the afternoon I'd barely eaten anything and I caved to 2 bags of Quest chips which is usually a no-no for a Thursday - I was out running around and doing a lot of housework for our friends to come today, and what can I say... it was just a weak moment. lol

I did do the Piyo workout AND ab ripper last night after all the chores although I did NOT want to at first... plus the other day I made up the workout I had missed - I just need to find a way to also do the workouts all weekend and not get behind. I'm doing my best! I can tell I am really working my core in a good way and I'm usually sore (but not horribly so) the day after. I am improving in flexibility too which is something I've never excelled at.. lol

Well I work today til noon or so and I have a very difficult meeting at 9 so please pray for me. Our friends plan to get here around 3 and we will BBQ tonight. It has been SO HOT here! Yesterday was 92. Today and all weekend it's going to be in the upper 80's.

It should be easy to stay low carb, but I'm sure the fat and cals will be up a bit.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend too. I will probably check in at some point.
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