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Originally Posted by Slimming-up View Post
Really, the pattern you are suggesting adds just 450 calories for the week. So in the big picture, you'd lose 1 less pound in a 2 month period than you would by following strict JUDDD. So that's not a big deal, is it?
If you try to stick to classic JUDDD and fail, you're likely to be eating more than 450 calories extra each week.
So do whatever it takes to make it work for you

By the way, what you are describing is simply a little less than JUDDD, and little more than 4:3... both of which work for many, many people.
I'm glad you posted this, it really does put it in perspective for me. I can live with one less pound per two month period if it is easier for me to follow and live with, sticking with it long term is the goal. **and my husband will not be constantly asking me what day it is....up day or down day!

Exercise 4x per week.
Drink more water (80+ oz per day)
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