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Originally Posted by Becky View Post
I have a pretty set in stone weekly schedule and thought maybe M/W/F will be my down days (600), T/TH/Su (1700), will be my up days and Saturday will be a medium day (950). I know this type of set up has been tried and doesn't work as well as alternating strictly UD/DD, but I need to do this so I can stick to it long term and I think the medium day thrown in and the set pattern will make it easier, even if not as fast.
I do this pattern and have done since finishing induction early 2013. It can be a tad frustrating as you go through periods where you seem to have a good weigh-in on Saturdays, only to have regained by Monday - but...that's an illusion. This pattern does work even when it doesn't seem as if it is (in my experience, anyway).

Good Luck!
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