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Going to try set UD, DD same every week....

I have been struggling with JUDDD for a few weeks now, still "sorta" following it but more often than not the rotations have been difficult to stick to. I have a pretty set in stone weekly schedule and thought maybe M/W/F will be my down days (600), T/TH/Su (1700), will be my up days and Saturday will be a medium day (950). I know this type of set up has been tried and doesn't work as well as alternating strictly UD/DD, but I need to do this so I can stick to it long term and I think the medium day thrown in and the set pattern will make it easier, even if not as fast. I also have to watch more carefully what I'm eating due to arthritis in my knee, so no more snarfing down Girl Scout Cookies (those things are Pure evil!! ).

Wish me luck.

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