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Originally Posted by Yam-Yam View Post
I'm excited, happy and apprehensive! The last part is because DH just retired! It's been stressing me out for quite a while now. I mean knowing it was coming. But now that the holidays are almost over, it's really hitting me.

We are in limbo about whether or not we are going to move. DH really wants to and I do not. He has been pushing about it lately.

Also, he is what you might call an "enabler" when it comes to food.

Every time I turn around, he is bringing home a pizza or wanting to go to a movie and getting a big bucket of buttered popcorn and sodas.

Seems like it's worse if I tell him I'm back on my plan and don't want to be de-railed. If he wants to go out to dinner and I say no, he acts like a hurt puppy and makes me feel bad.

Gosh, now that I'll have him around every single day, all the time, I'm afraid my nice calm DDs will be messed up.

One thing for sure. I'm going to tell him he needs to learn to cook and fix meals for himself!! That's something I've never done before. When he's home it's always "what's for breakfast?" "What's for lunch?" "What's for dinner?" But from now on I'm going to answer: "You tell me!!!"
Sounds like DH is a man who is going to need a hobby, and learning to cook for HIMSELF would be great. If he is willing to cook things that you can also enjoy on your up days, so much the better. Too bad some people don't seem to get that it takes just one person's participate to eat, and that it doesn't have to always be done as a couple. Good luck in coping with these challenges, and hold your ground!

My sister and I have finally gotten my brother-in-law to start cooking, by my copying out recipes and sending them, family members giving him nice cooking-related gifts (like a Le Crueset Dutch over, new knife set, cutting board, and colorful measuring cups and spoons) and lots of positive reinforcement. He seems to enjoy it now, and it's only fair, since he is retired and my sister is still working. I hope you have great success training your DH.
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