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LC story time

So I have to tell y'all this story, I'll try to keep on topic which is LC but the cast of characters is so odd that you'll think I made this up.

We have a big workshop here on our ranch, and we added an area years ago which we refer to as the bar, it's been our friends and family meeting place for years. Everything from day to day visiting to huge celebrations and several funerals, everyone's birthday etc happens here.

So I ordered the art and science of LC living from amazon and have been waiting for it, it arrived! I'm really excited about reading this when I can settle down and take the time, which will be soon. I was gone most of yday so the ups guy left my package with my dad at the shop. So last night as I'm moving things over to the bar for today's feast, he hands it to me in front of these ppl:

My dad of course, who is 68, overweight, high BP and has been told by his dr to lose with some funky memeographed "diet" that was starkly LC but included no variations, and grapefruit juice. Dads followed my weightloss loosely and knows this works, but he can't quiet commit himself to doing it himself. I've left that door open for when he's ready.

My sister, 50, who's eating disorder is the opposite of mine and weighs a buck 20 maybe. With shoes on. I don't discuss LC with her often, I just say "no bread, sugar, potatoes etc" and smile. She's a product of a low fat world and likely in her youth was borderline anorexic. However she along side me watched mama die because of heart issues and complications and amputation from type 2 diabetes. So she knows and is supportive of my woe. She's also untreated menopausal and wow. Her hormones must be totally outta whack, one moment she's fine, the next a raging b word.

My BIL, 60, had quadruple bypass surgery after a massive attack last year, he's a learned man, and reads about his health extensively, granted up until last month is been "heart healthy" diet, meds etc. he's turning the pages of good calories bad calories that I lent him a few weeks ago, and working with his cardiologist to reduce the meds. He's taking control of his health thru edu and nutrition. I could not be more pleased for him.

My 24, chubby but tall niece and her bf. she's wildly curious to how I've dropped weight, and is not a dieter in her past. No children yet, and will have a real weight issue if she doesn't learn and start now.

A couple friend of ours who when we met them were both 40ls lighter than they are now, 35-40 in age, and eat anything and everything and totally believe all diet myths out there, we've had many convos about nutrition and my woe, and they still don't get the premise of how the science behind LC works. The male of this couple likes to argue things.

So you can imagine everyone's interest and how I got barraged with questions, comments and myths I had to attempt to dispel last night. From food, to insulin, to exercise, to alcohol, and it was endless lol.

Inside the cover of my new book, I have a list they wanted to be on for next in line to read it. Everyone except daddy, he observed.. And listened.

So I read the intro last night of my new treasure before bed, and can't wait to read it, learn it and then lend it out to ppl I love the most in hopes they can better understand what I'm doing and why it works, and maybe... Just maybe plant some LC seeds.
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