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I would like to suggest that Dad be "allowed" greater leeway, in terms of carbs, until he becomes accustomed to this way of eating and finds the fat dropping off. With success, he will be more motivated to cut the carbs even further. At his present weight, cutting his carbs in half, even though that number may be pretty high to you and me, will bring him some success.

Dad has a long way to go and, in time, people often get impatient. Thinking Thinly, if you think this might be so for your dad, perhaps a slower start would work. A few of his favorite foods, though a little carby, might smooth the way.

If he is receptive, a daughter who continues to educate and encourage him can probably convince him to cut his carbs more and more as time goes on.

And, as always, if hunger threatens, eat more fat.

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