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SOS! Help for my dad!

My dad is interested in starting a HFLC diet. I presented him with the science, and the benefits and he is eager to start! He is 6'1" and approximately 400lbs, so he desperately needs to loos the weight, even a little would benefit him greatly! I even said I would be his diet partner! However, one thing that has stymied us both; what to pack in his lunch? He is a truck driver, working 16 hrs a day in his truck. He is used to 2 big sandwiches, a couple of granola bars, maybe a yogurt, fruit cup, and whatever else my mom packs in their. What would be some good on the go lunches for this WOE? My idea's consisted of peperoni slices, cheese cubes, and deviled eggs. Not much variety at all and would get boring after a while! What would y'all suggest?
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