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Calling it a night. I am tired or my metabolism is off.

Trying to eat up all the acid foods so I can better portion my foods with a larger # of alkaline foods. I vaguely remembered a Diabetes University Course I took several years ago where the Medical School Nutrition Professor handed out list of acid and alkaline foods. I dug out the folders and there were several printouts and booklets advising this way of eating as part of the treatment for Diabetes and Diabetes Type 2. This was a Educational program and NOBODY was getting any monies other than their salaries!!!! I compaired the Magazine artical with the Eastern Virginia Medical School advice and they were the same except the Magazine was colorful with beautiful pictures with reciepes (24 page pull out cook book where the ratios of acid & akaline are done for you and a shopping list for each reciepe) . I cannot wait to try some of the things as they look so good.
I am off to bed as I did not feel so good for most of the day today and want to start over tomorrow after a nights sleep.
Sweet dreams to all.
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