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Thanks for the Start off , Doris.
Psst, shoot me an e mail so I can have your new email addy. Sent you something and it came back.

Babette, enjoy Gabe's visit. He seems to be on the mend. Thank Goodness.

Yeah, it is a PITA to get the motor home ready for a trip.

Lainey, Isn't this weather just wonderful! Cool with low humidity is fantastic, but it will get hot and humid again next week.

Joni, enjoy the overnight with your grandsons. How old are they?

Hi ya Mary, oh yes things we don't need seem to jump into the carts quite often. Thankfully ( or not ) we don't have a Costco, only a Sam's.

Tomorrow it's off to the eye doctor to pick up some new glasses. Don't know if I'll like them or not, but at least I don't wear them constantly.
Maintaining at 107 to 112 and heading for 20 years.
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