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Good Morning Everyone! Sunny, hot day here in Eastern Washington.

Mykneesareback-we have just recently become Costco members again after many years. Got my new hearing aids there. Husband and I intend to take a 'field trip" there soon to do a bit of stocking up. Did have to have Costco remake one of my hearing aids as it caused a bit of pain when I put it in so am missing what people are saying again at least for the next few days.

Norfolk Mermaid-Sorry you are not feeling well. You are an inspiration though cuz you just keep going!

Begete-good timing on planting your lettuce to get the rain! Our backyard neighbors raise huge gardens each year. They are from the Ukraine(sp) and brought their tomato seeds with them. The tomatoes are huge and the sweet neighbors share.

We are looking forward to the weekend. Our son/daughter-in-law/little grandsons recently moved two hours away but are coming back this weekend to get the rest of their things from our garage. So the little grandsons will be staying overnight with us. I have babysat them for the last three years while daughter-in-law worked so I am missing them dreadfully.

Best go get busy here. hope everyone has a really good day. Will check back in later.

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