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Originally Posted by Jenna11 View Post
On 20 Carbs a day, how fast is the weight loss?
I've been thinking a lot about this.
The more I read, the more I think the weight loss comes in layers.

I think we need to stick with an LC plan for at least a month before finding our regular losing groove.

I think the first days we should eat to satisfaction from the allowed foods, not to lose weight, but to get rid of the carbs in our system and to allow the natural appetite suppression of ketosis to kick in. We might lose really well in the first few days, and that's great. But I think the loss is coming from getting rid of the gunk from our digestive tracts and rebalancing how much water is in our cells (to put it oversimplistically, digesting carbs makes us hold water in our cells and our GI tract).

Then once we hit the one-week mark, or maybe 2 weeks or more, the carbs are out of our system and we've settled in to a new routine of eating. And it's about this time that the appetite supression kicks in, so we naturally desire less food.

After that, our bodies are nearly to the point of running on fat and protein in the absence of carbs. It takes a while for the body to react to change, but if we keep on plan, eventually the body will respond, and we'll become fat-adapted or keto-adapted. When that happens, our bodies are running like fine-tuned machines. Energy kicks in. We feel good. We lose weight because the body happily chugs along on fat and protein.

I'm still learning and reading, but it makes sense to me, and in my opinion, it shows that we need to stick with it even if the losses slow after that first big drop.
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