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Originally Posted by bummys View Post
Hi Everyone...I was actually hoping to find others who have simply cut out bread and pasta (all grain), starchy vegetables, rice & sugar.

I hate counting...I'll end up obsessing and then find a reason to binge when I don't follow "to the letter".

Day 3 today. I am a binge eater (food addict). I find that a low carb diet which eliminates the carbs above but gives me some flexibility to each seeds, nuts and tons of veggies is less restrictive for me. I'm also trying very hard not to weigh myself...that will throw me into a tailspin and put all of my focus on weight. I simply want to eat "like a normal person" in terms of over eating & be healthy.

Anyone else?

This is basically how I lost my weight. As I got closer to goal, I had to limit overall food quantity, but the types of foods I was eating remained the same. I am rarely in ketosis and don't get the appetite supressing effect, so that's something to consider. I feel completely satisfied with how I eat, though. Good luck.
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