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Originally Posted by bummys View Post
Hi Everyone...I was actually hoping to find others who have simply cut out bread and pasta (all grain), starchy vegetables, rice & sugar.

I hate counting...I'll end up obsessing and then find a reason to binge when I don't follow "to the letter".

Day 3 today. I am a binge eater (food addict). I find that a low carb diet which eliminates the carbs above but gives me some flexibility to each seeds, nuts and tons of veggies is less restrictive for me. I'm also trying very hard not to weigh myself...that will throw me into a tailspin and put all of my focus on weight. I simply want to eat "like a normal person" in terms of over eating & be healthy.

Anyone else?

I've known people who have lost on the sort of method you describe. If you have a substantial amount to lose, you should see some results.

I personally can't lose if I eat to satisfaction from nuts, seeds, and veggies.
But if you choose most of your foods from the list I posted above, limit nuts, and increase veggies only from the list I posted, you might do okay. Not rapid, but steady.

Realize that you probably will not get the appetite-supressing benefit of ketosis/low carb because your carbs from nuts, seeds, and extra veggies will probably keep you out of ketosis.

There are other low carb plans which are close to what you describe, but I don't know of any that don't require any sort of counting or restriction.

Bottom line, I guess I'd suggest that you eat to satisfaction from the food list from above, substitute nuts and seeds for the cheeses and cream, and eat most of your veggies from the list.
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