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Originally Posted by avid View Post
Once again I find myself not advocating strict adherence to a plan for a newbie.
I base this on my own experience. I was a heavy user of "healthy" whole grain products for many years. Bread and pasta were staples of my woe. As you can imagine, I was over weight.
I went 'cold turkey' with cutting out the bread and pasta, but did not actually count the carbs in anything else I ate.
I started losing immediately. If I had to "count this, measure that" in the early stages of this woe, I don't think I would have stayed with it.
I do count carbs and calories now, but this was only after my new woe became a routine part of my life.
I have a history of going overboard when I try something new. I will get all fired up for a couple of months then fizzle, sputter, and crash.
Yet another failure.
So, if you are like me in this regard and the demands of following induction are too severe, take heart; You can lose alot of weight just by cutting out the main carb culprits.
When you need to take it to the next level, you will already be well on your way.
Best of luck to you.
I followed Atkins induction to the letter, planned my daily menus and counted carbs very carefully all the way through my weight loss. Now, I'm going more toward Avid's early plan. I am still counting, but after the fact, just to keep track of what I've already eaten instead of planning what I'm going to eat. (I am a big tracker anyway and want to keep an eye on what I'm eating. If my weight starts to rise, I'll know what to look at.)

At this point, I simply do not eat any bread, pasta, rice or sugar if I can help it. I have eaten a little potato and other starchy veggies from time to time and I eat a little bit of fruit. (I've never been a major fruit eater so it isn't a huge temptation for me.) So far, I have maintained my weight loss just by cutting out those categories and my appetite remains under control as long as I do that. If I can continue maintenance this way, I'll be happy.

For me one of the big differences between this plan and others I've been on over the years is this idea that certain categories of foods are making me fat rather than the accumulation of food I eat each day. Psychologically this liberated me from a certain habit of mind I had for many years. The appetite suppression that comes with not eating those foods just reinforces it.

Over the past 11 months of doing this I've had some high carb this and that at social occasions and have had a few blips on the scale because of it. But overall, I've just adopted the mantra "I don't eat that" the same way vegetarians don't eat meat or people with allergies don't eat whatever causes their allergy. I certainly don't know yet whether this will stick over the long term but so far, I've found it remarkably easy to do that --- much easier than the strict portion and calorie control I lived with for years before.

YMMV --- If I've learned one thing from these boards over the past year it's that everyone who is successful finds their own way, which is quite remarkable in itself. There is far more flexibility in this diet than any I've ever done before. If you stick to the basic principles you'll be able to figure out the right way for you and be successful. Good luck!
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