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Originally Posted by gotsomeold View Post
Oh, I think in his books Mr. Taubes came closer to the truth than 99.99999% of the nutrition/WOE books on the market.

I also think most researchers and nutritionists are dedicated to 'one size fits all'. Anyone who eats this will lose weight. This is bad for everyone. It don't work that way.

Once we get beyond that paradigm, research may discover ever so much more about how the human body works...maybe even why carbs are poison for some and necessary for others...maybe we will even learn that mice are not always the best test subjects when humanity is the goal.
I just read Taubes book, but can't remember if he specifically says how many carbs are ok, (someone correct me if I'm wrong!). I got the impression that just trying to eat less carbs in general was a good thing ie less than the USDA's daily recommended 325g a day So even by following JUDDD and having higher carb UDs, we're eating less carbs and making better choices (like eating one cookie on an UD instead of 5 ). I've gone through some of the threads of what people are eating on their UDs and it's overwhelmingly healthy! Sure there's an occasional eating out or a sweet treat, but I haven't seen anyone going crazy on the carbs and sugars on their UDs. So maybe JUDDD and lower carbs go hand in hand, even if it's not intentional?
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