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Originally Posted by Crazy PreK Teacher View Post
Hi Laurie

I was noticing that you have done Atkins, then JUDDD. I am pretty much doing the exact same thing...last dose is this Friday...then P3...then JUDDD on Nov. 26th. Do you have any advice? Do's & Don'ts? How long did it take you to stabilize? I want to be successful. I tend to gain 2- 3 pounds every time I take a PI or P3 break. I worry that I will gain any amount.

I see that you are in Fort Worth also. Northwest side here!!! We're neighbors

Hi, Crazy! Yes, it seems we're neighbors. We're on the southwest side of Fort Worth, just outside of Crowley.

I did low carb for many, many years. I was able to initially lose about fifty pounds, but kept creeping back up and never got to my goal, despite how many tweaks I made to my diet. About three years ago, I discovered hCG and my DH and I were finally able to get to goal that way. We then did about 2 "maintenance rounds" a year to try to keep the weight under control. It was a struggle. The minute I moved to P3, I started to gain every time. Personally, I don't believe that hCG resets the hypothalamus. I could gain weight again easily, if I let myself.

Then, almost exactly a year ago, after having done yet another round of hCG and getting sick of it, I was still sitting about 10-12 lbs. above my goal and was starting to creep up again. I found JUDDD and I've never looked back. I didn't do my P3 at all, just jumped right into JUDDD. My body really liked it. I ate 500 calories for DDs, and about 1900 calories for UDs (I'm 5'7"). I slowly, but steadlylost the rest of those pesky pounds, plus a few more, and ate a lot of good food through the holidays, too.

Now, it's been a year, and I've been faithful to the plan. However, I've eaten more and more on my UDs, so I have crept up to right around my goal weight, but I'm still well under where I ended up with hCG. I love eating what I want! I have no problem eating 600 calories on DDs, and do that faithfully. My DH has been on this journey, too, and has had similar results. We really enjoy so many foods and eating occasions now that we had to shun before. I will do JUDDD forever!
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