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I did atkins for four months earlier this year and went fron 64kg to 68kg. My body was always deprived and i felt faint in the afternoon. After a check up at the doctor, he told me my blood pressure was low and if i wanted sugar, EAT IT! Maybe low carb just wasn't for me. All my other results were absolutely perfect. Judddd has allowed me to eat all kinds of food and on a 300 cal DD, i never feel faint. I just love how my body feels now! My metabolism is the best i can remember and i have never felt so positive about a weight loss eating plan.. i will never give carbs much thought again. All i can say is my Dd's are low carb because i find fat and protein help me get through good luck with ehat path you choose, if your body feels good on less carbs, carry on!

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