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Originally Posted by theredhead View Post
I feel that eating low carb for almost 9 years healed my metabolism and that I'm no longer insulin resistant. It seems that way, anyway. My metabolism seems to be "normal", if there is such a thing. I do strict DDs that happen to be low carb, but on my UDs, I eat what I want. I still prefer a lot of low carb foods, but I enjoy ice cream and bread if I want it. I feel great!

I think, for me, just being at my goal weight reduces my health risks greatly. My blood pressure has always been good, but it's even better now. I don't seem to have any risk factors for health problems. I think that fasting stresses your body in a good way that is protective. That's just my take on it.
Hi Laurie

I was noticing that you have done Atkins, then JUDDD. I am pretty much doing the exact same thing...last dose is this Friday...then P3...then JUDDD on Nov. 26th. Do you have any advice? Do's & Don'ts? How long did it take you to stabilize? I want to be successful. I tend to gain 2- 3 pounds every time I take a PI or P3 break. I worry that I will gain any amount.

I see that you are in Fort Worth also. Northwest side here!!! We're neighbors


Angela in TX~170.4 lbs.
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