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I don't count my carbs while doing JUDDD, just my calories. I have done LC many times previously, both with atkins style calories and low calorie... both I didn't seem to lose much weight, maybe 4lb a month if I was lucky. I am doing much better on JUDDD sticking to my calorie allowances and not restricting carbs. A part of me does wonder if doing JUDDD and low carb would mean different losses but at the moment I'm happy with my losses so far to change anything. Also I did not enjoy my times doing low carb, I felt so restricted and missed so many foods I would give up. I have not felt like this once since starting JUDDD, I don't even feel like I am on a 'diet'.
45.25 lb lost so far... 25.25 of those lost on JUDDD - 27 lb to go

Start weight 219.25 lb - UK size 22/24
Current weight 174 lb - UK size 16/18
Goal weight 147 lb - UK size 14
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