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Originally Posted by JanetTN View Post
maybe try piratejenny's MUDDD. I think Sophiethecat does that sometimes. Your DD is 24 hours instead of 36 and I think it goes like this:

Breakfast and lunch are UD meals and say lunch ends at 2 pm. you then fast for 4 hours and your DD starts at 6 pm that day. So from 6 pm that day to 6 pm the following day is your DD. Then you start your UD. I know I am probably confusing you but there is a thread that talks about this extensively.

Day 1
Breakfast UD
Lunch UD
fast 4 hours
Dinner DD

Day 2
Breakfast DD
Lunch DD
fast 4 hours
Dinner UD

Day 3
Breakfast UD
Lunch UD
fast 4 hours
Dinner DD

Keep repeating rotation. I tried this for a week and did lose but I think I am going to stick with JUDDD due to scheduling problems
This has worked really well for me this last week. I have a really hard time with binging, and past the first week, JUDDD got more difficult rather than easier. For me, breaking it up like this has removed the temptation to binge in the evening hours, which are my worst time.

Here's how it works for me: My cut-off time is noon, so on the days that I have UD calories in the morning and DD calories in the evenings, I don't eat all morning (which is my normal rhythm - coffee is more than enough for me), and then I eat the last of my UD calories right before noon. I'm able, then, to hold out until dinner, when I always make sure I have lots of salad - I don't even measure the salad, just the dressing - and I eat a reasonable amount of whatever else I've made for dinner. I only have a couple of hours between dinner and bed, then a large portion of my DD hours are spent sleeping and then drinking my usual coffee.

I agree that JUDDD has to be given a chance to work, but I was white knuckling it too much, and it went from being a pleasure to being a source of disappointment in myself, so this has helped me tremendously.
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