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Originally Posted by Stitch View Post
The Shake It Up thread (thanks Sophiethecat) got me thinking.I need to shake it up. It's not that JUDDD isn't working, I'm not working JUDDD properly. It's really bringing out my binge tendencies. I fast on my DD's because once I have something I just want more. Then on my UD's I keep getting really out of control (I'm talking up to and occasionally even over 3000 calories when I should be having around 1700). I do like fasting but I'm thinking I should shorten my fasting window for a while to help with the panicky "OMG I won't get to eat again until the day after tomorrow feeling". I believe that's what is bringing on the binges.
Can anyone advise me on which WOE would be best to try for a short while? I do want to return to JUDDD soon. I just need a little break to collect myself. I really don't want to gain weight. As in I don't want to go any higher than my current bounce range but I'm really concerned that this will happen.
Any advice greatly
You've gotten sound advice from many who've been on JUDDD longer than I. So many things enter into a weight loss plan and it's different for every person. My hope is a part of what I've gone through will help.

I plan my meals and snacks for each DD (UDs too) and if I don't need it I move it down on the list for a "maybe later item". This helps me feel less deprived. Often at the end of the day I cross them off because I didn't have them. The "but I could have them" keeps me going to the end of the day, keeping me on track. I often have a protein shake to start the day which helps me get further into the day without eating. Others have coconut oil. Once I start solid foods, I usually get hungry.

It may be useful to see someone about the deprivation feelings. What is it you're really afraid of, where did it come from, what can you do about resolving the issue or the feelings. I saw someone before I started back on my weight loss journey in January. I felt I had to understand why I kept sabotaging myself. Why, even after weight loss surgery, I still couldn't keep the weight off (I lost 175 lbs and bounced 70 before taking a look at what was really going on). It helped me immeasurably.

Reading Brain Over Binge or The Beck Diet Solution will give you a place to start because they bring up the feelings causing the deprivation. Scary stuff, but once you're on the other side, the world looks very different...and manageable.

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