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Hi and Hugs Stitch...

I hear your pain. And boy are we blessed to have this many "strangers" who care, you know?

OK...First let me say that I'm a newbie, in the sense that I'm new to JUDDD so I can't relay any true JUDDD wisdom...but I've been "fat" all my life (i.e. since 1st grade..I'm now 57) I'm not new to the struggles.

The thing I just want to add to all the great thoughts/advice you've gotten so far is this...keep an open mind...and expect "failure". Failure to me is a bad word. But what we feel if we "can't". Consider each step education. And we've all had subjects we struggled with. This is no different.

The thing is, Stitch, is that each of us is unique. Really. But then...not totally. What does that mean? I'm saying that the answer has to be found by us, but I also have to pay attention and learn from other people who have been successful and try...modify, if necessary...what works (or seems to work at the time) for me.

Dr. J in his book talks about drinking shakes on DD especially in the beginning. When I read that I poo-poo-ed the thought immediately. Didn't have the money...shakes won't fill me up...fake food..yada yada yada. I didn't have an open mind. I've been down so many paths of weight loss all my life...I thought I KNEW what would work and what wouldn't. Shakes. No way.

After several failing DD where I had raging headaches and felt like I was going to eat someone's arm off with my 150 calorie meals...I thought, ok...there has to be an answer...and shakes came up again in someone's reply...that they keep her satisfied. Alrighty then...what did I have to lose? Though I was SURE it wouldn't work. Guess what? They work...along with pickles for crunch. I'm less hungry with the shakes. I eat the rest of the calories in pickles (weird I know but it works for me)...see that's what I'm saying...

I do have to eat low carb too...due to diabetes (type2). So although for some people they can just count calories on UD, I do have to watch carbs too. I do understand eating a pizza and thinking...oh, tomorrow's a down day I better fill up tonight. But I trust what Dr. J and others have said (Even George Stella, Low Carb Man ) that with time they just eventually ate less and wanted healthier foods.

It's all a process, Stitch. I know weight is weight. We all want to lose and not gain. But it's just weight...and health really matters most. I used to joke with my daughter...if you have to put me on life support, just let me get down to a size 9 before you pull the plug ...but there's a kernel of truth in it. So I get buried in a size 9 pretty black dress I've always wanted to wear...what good does it do me then? If I focus on getting weight off AND getting healthy...I can be successful at one or another at any given time.

One time we (hubby and I) went out for pizza with my friend and her hubby. My friend knows that I'm "really trying to be good". So..we get the pizza...everyone takes what they want and the waitress comes back and asks if everything's ok (like they do) and my friend says, "Can you box up this pizza for us?" The waitress looked at us kinda strange but she did it. The guys grabbed pizza out of the box and somehow for me that was easier than it sitting there open in the middle of the table. My hubby understood. My friends hubby didn't care as long as he got pizza. I don't think he had a clue what was going on or why. Did I eat more calories than I probably should have? Yep. BUT...was it a "bad" night? No. I saw that my friend really cared about me. I had a great time (socialization is good for the heart!)...and I learned you can ask a waitress to box the pizza right away... and in a box at the end of the table its much less tempting for me. All good things to have learned/experienced for health and continued weight loss.

See what I'm saying is that it's a change in perspective. Just by reading this thread and learning about the modified day, now when life happens and suddenly my dear friend and her hubby want to take us out for pizza on a DD, instead of thinking...crap, I'm going to blow my DD...I can biggie...just try a's an idea. It might might not. But it's worth a shot for those unexpected events. If I gain, well then I know it doesn't work for me. If I maintain, that's a choice I can make occasionally then if I need to.

What I sense in your post is anxiety...and feeling like you are "blowing" it or out of contol thinking about DD. When I read Dr. J's book...although he talks about the calculating of calories...he never really stressed (when you start) stressing about UD calories. He talked about how over time he just ate less and made healthier choices so he came more into the calories he SHOULD be eating. I know that calories do matter from this forum (and for me carbs) matter...but one step at a time. Maybe just focus on DD and trying different things to see what's satisfying and what's not. People have learned what triggers them. Be patient with yourself as you learn. You will find your own answers...just keep trying.


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