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As always Pat. Dear you sound like you are in such a state of panic that you can't possibly make a clear headed decision. Think of your DD as anything else in life, most of us cannot have immediate gratification with much of anything we want. With Juddd every other day that is the case with some food. It is only every other day, that's all. Most of what we want in life we wait much longer for. If you can just tough it out, and deep down you know you can, and get through the first two or three weeks, the appetition suppression should start to kick in. As with most things you have to work at it for awhile before you get a payoff. When you started your first job you didn't get paid until you had already worked for two weeks right? If it helps, think of it like that. I do agree you should read the book about bingeing that has been recommended to you. You must decide if being at a healthy weight is a priority in your life. The more you gain and the older you get, the harder it gets. Just think what wonderful things you could be doing with all the negative energy you are putting into your obsession with food. I do really believe our bodies are the temples of our souls and the other health benefits of Juddding can't be ignored. After a short time DD can become very serene and UD can become just another day of the week where some of us have to remind ourselves that we can eat today. Going back and forth between diets is the worst thing you can do, I considered it myself once when I had a short time of no losses but I wisely listened to my Buddds and stayed the course on Juddd. And it was the correct choice many times over. You must choose your woe and then put your faith in it and in yourself. I really hope you stay with Juddd as I think you will be rewarded, but only if as Pat said, you actually DO JUDDD CORRECTLY! No tweaking , no medium days and most of all respect your calories esp on UD. Good luck I hope to see you here with us still. This is something that no one else can give you, you must give this to yourself.
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