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Originally Posted by Hazelsmrf View Post
Maybe I misunderstood her, but I didn't get the feeling she was saying she wasn't going to eat at ALL on her down days, just not eating the stuff she'd want to eat. Maybe I'm projecting my own feelings, but I like junk food... and sometimes on an up day I might eat something that I otherwise wouldn't have simply because I get the feeling "OMG I can't eat this tomorrow!", so I'll scarf an extra piece of pizza just BECAUSE. My brain, it's a work in progress... but those high calorie foods that are so bad for you but taste sooooo good, they are my kryptonite.
I don't know... I just quoted what she wrote in her OP.

I like high cal foods a lot too! But I have plenty of DD foods that I love a lot too, so I just save them for DDs and snarf up the higher cal and higher carb goodies on my UDs. I absolutely LOVE being able to eat everything now, instead of having to live with my previous big list of *No-No* foods.

I realize that I will not be able to just *eat it all.. all the time* at this point in my life without condemning myself to spend my remaining years in an obese body. I know that I can no longer *eat at will* without wearing the fat clothes, which will be the only ones that I can fit into.

But with JUDDD, I can have some of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, and maintain a weight that I'm happy with. And since I'm no longer a *naturally* slim woman, this is the next best thing.
Best wishes, Pat
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