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maybe try piratejenny's MUDDD. I think Sophiethecat does that sometimes. Your DD is 24 hours instead of 36 and I think it goes like this:

Breakfast and lunch are UD meals and say lunch ends at 2 pm. you then fast for 4 hours and your DD starts at 6 pm that day. So from 6 pm that day to 6 pm the following day is your DD. Then you start your UD. I know I am probably confusing you but there is a thread that talks about this extensively.

Day 1
Breakfast UD
Lunch UD
fast 4 hours
Dinner DD

Day 2
Breakfast DD
Lunch DD
fast 4 hours
Dinner UD

Day 3
Breakfast UD
Lunch UD
fast 4 hours
Dinner DD

Keep repeating rotation. I tried this for a week and did lose but I think I am going to stick with JUDDD due to scheduling problems
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