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Oh, I forgot to mention it has HOLES! lol Similar to an English muffin. It is bland, it is holey, similar texture and what else? It crisps up real well. I have made many versions of the one minute muffin (even some bread-like ones) but nothing comes close to this one for this particular purpose. I've long since stopped making those others, because I went off them. They were a bit spongy and Kevin used to call them "sponge breads" and was unimpressed with anything I came up with. If only he knew how much people miss him. He was an amazing guy and a very skilled high-tech baker.

Sistertzu, THANK you!!

Great brekkie - thanks Peggy.

LOL Jules - this might be the answer for you, as I know from your post you sound very busy. Once you have the bake mix made up, you can make this English Muffin first thing in the morning with some butter, sugar free jam and grated cheese perhaps to go along with your coffee or tea, OR make an Egg McMuffin - and, believe me, you will be passing up the donut tray if there is such a thing at work. It really satiates.
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