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Originally Posted by Ntombi View Post
You can get it at the doctor's office, but there are also places where you can pay and get your body composition tested. Price varies widely. Google "DEXA scan (your city)," and you should find some results.

I get a hydrostatic body fat test done, which is just about as accurate, but cheaper. The hydrostatic test was the good standard until very recently, is accurate enough for me, and inexpensive enough that I can get it done a few times a year to check my progress.
Ntombi is right about the cost if you have to pay out of pocket. But my insurance will pay for one DEXA scan if the doctor orders it -- for measuring bone density.

I have had the hydrostatic test at my local university. The (possible) advantage of the DEXA scan is that it will tell you where the fat is located and how much.

Glenn in Omaha
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