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I was tracking my food pretty closely in one of those online trackers and usually was around 1400-1500 calories and 20-30 carbs per day when I was in lose mode. I did have days where I had up to 50 g of carbs, if I ate popcorn.

I did a couple of "episodes" of fat fasting, which meant my carbs were under 10 g or less and calories were around 1000-1100. I lost nicely doing that but only did it for up to a week. It's a great way to reduce your appetite because the fat is so satisfying. But the menu is so limiting, it's hard to do for long periods of time.

Now that I'm trying to maintain, I'm experimenting with how many carbs I can have and it's around 60-70 g. I haven't watched the calories as closely so I can't really tell you what those are at. But I am paying attention to when I'm hungry and stopping when I'm full. I am still not eating flour, sugar, rice, etc. so these carbs come from veggies (tomatoes and onions, some of my favorite veggies, are higher carb) and the occasional low carb tortilla. Hidden carbs also sneak up but I've been doing it long enough that I know what those are.

I am really fortunate in that I don't have any outstanding health problems that I'm trying to combat also. From what I understand, that throws a big monkey wrench in everything and makes it tougher.
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