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and if i was to get right down to it, i COULD have 1600 calories on dds. so im at FIVE down days per week.
put the the numbers in...
6'2'm 355, exercise 6/7 days a week and use 35% weight loss schedule.

my uds have been around 3500
and fasting on mondays.
no, its not juddd, but its working and im eating plenty.
(specially subway lol, you get a lot for you calories)
but between lc/juddd ive been able to control my eating for the first time....ever

ive basically went on the high end of my dds and not being starving going crazy eating 4600 calories on uds. and rathr than bouncing up and down im falling down.
and again i couldnt have done it with out lc/juddd/and everyone here helping

who know where ill be in two weeks, but i like experimenting a little and even more i like results from experimenting
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