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I have read that some of the loose skin tends to tighten up in a 6-month to 1-year period after weight stabilizes.

Staying well-hydrated every day is great for skin health and flexibility, so it's good to aim for lots of water every day when losing water and thereafter.

I've been doing the dry skin brushing before showers and plan to try the oil massage this weekend. This is also an incentive for me to do more resistence and toning exercise regularly--that's something I really need to work on, and they supposedly help, somewhat.

Also, not losing weight too fast--just a pound or two a week--helps prevent loose skin. I'm going to be hitting the non-obese (but still overweight) mark when I lose another 15 pounds. I may up my down day calories after that, so that I lose at a slower rate (maybe 1 pound/week, instead of 2). I never thought I would say that, since I've always been a slow loser, but I'm losing 2-3 pounds/week on wonderful, wonderful JUDDD plus nutritional ketosis.

Finally, I'm drinking homemade bone broth every day, which supposedly supports skin health, collagen, and bone health, so maybe that will help a bit, too.

But I'm too old (in my 50s) to expect my skin to adjust fully to losing over 100 pounds (hopefully) without some excess skin left behind.
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