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Thanks everyone! Awesome advice.

Yes, kidneys recently started to ache with the addition of the powder. I have noticed this before when I am very strict with this WOE, keeping carbs very low....I think with the increase in protein, I am increasing my GFR and kidneys are working over time.

To answer someones questions, I've been drinking Crystal Light or water. Caffeine is limited to the 2-3 cups of coffee/day....and that's a decrease for me (I've cut way back, lol)

This morning I left out the protein powder and I can honestly say that I feel better this evening and am still in ketosis. UTI/bladder/kidney infection all good suggestions but I know that's not it. (I can dip stick at work, I'm an RN)

I will def follow the advice and I'm going to cut out the powder (and did this morning) and see what happens. I am up to 60grams of Protein I will work the formula and see where I need to be, thanks for the formulas and links, much appreciated!

Oh, and to answer the other question....I've been stalled about 2 weeks, yeah, I know not "technically" a stall....but for me I lose really easy when I'm eating clean...I slow way down when I "cheat" on SF candies, bars, etc....but it's a trade-off. Sometimes I allow those things however for the first time in along time I've been pretty clean. Prior to the shakes, I lost 4-5lbs in about 10 days because I started eating clean again.

Thanks again!
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