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Have you ever heard the old Paul Simon song "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover". Well, let me tell you there are more than 50 ways to calculate protein . The method I am using is in this thread: Check Post #11 where CarolynF explains how to make the calculations. My protein using this method is a range of 51- 63g a day. Using Protein Power, my protein was 66g. Anyway, right now I'm doing 50g from the Optimal Diet.

Having said all of that, I used my fitness tracker and without the protein powder or blackberries I came up with Calories 347; Carbs 2; Fat 35; Pro 7g. Add to that the 23g from your protein powder for a total of 30g and it may be too much for you. I would start by eliminating the protein powder and see if you feel better - the thirst decreases and the kidneys stop aching.

IMO the additional 23g of protein could cause a stall. YMMV of course.

However, reddarin makes a good point that aching kidneys could be signalling a bladder or kidney infection so a doctor's visit might be in order.

Good luck and I hope you can figure this out

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