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OK, now I'm completely confused and frustrated. Everywhere in here and elsewhere I hear and read that net carbs are total carbs minus fiber. Just got my free Atkins bars in the mail that some awesome LCF linked in here, and the label on the choc-peanut butter one reads 22 total carbs minus 10 of dietary fiber.

Splashed on the front it reads TWO total net carbs!!??! What is this? Sounds like an easy way to go far overboard while thinking you're staying on target. No wonder people either stall or start gaining on them if the label is that misleading! Were these out and similarly labeled when he was still running the show?

It was very good tasting though! Would be paradise if it was completely safe and allowed, and also didn't inspire the bad cravings. Which it hasn't yet for me despite being the first remotely sweet thing I've had even a bite of since Jan. 31, but I'm sure going to follow the veterans' lead in here and proceed with caution.

Still, though, what's up with that math?
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