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I used to be quite hooked on diet Coke. I found that my tastes have changed quite a bit on Atkins, after about a month I can't even stand the taste of diet pop. It tastes too sweet and somewhat metallic. I used to adore it, now I think it's gross. This was not intentional as I would keep them in to fridge to combat sweet cravings. It just happened.

It never seemed to effect my weight loss. I am certain it is better for me not to drink them though. Certainly cheaper.

As for the exercise - that makes a tremendous difference for me. However, with that said, you have made a significant number of changes in a short time. Maybe keep up with the ones you've made before working on some more changes. Cheers to you on quitting smoking, zoloft, and working on eating better. That is a lot to tackle in one shot.
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