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Originally Posted by Sissiesue View Post
I made a special trip to the market tonight to get the ingredients and boy was it worth it! I halved the recipe and used 3.5 oz. of Green & Black's 70% chocolate. It made three servings. I took a little tiny taste of one that's been chilling for 2 hours, and it's very tasty!

I'm definitely going to play with this recipe. Someone upthread suggested using spices in it. I think I might try a curry version. Or chili powder. Or both.
Just wanted to add that I didn't use a blender for mine. I chopped the chocolate really fine with a knife and then used a fork to whisk everything together. Before I added the egg, I warmed it (in the shell) in some hot water so that it wouldn't cook when I added the coffee.

Even without using the blender, it STILL worked.

This is such an awesome recipe.
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