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Originally Posted by Charski View Post
OK, I just had one for breakfast and you know - I wouldn't change a thing. It's JUST sweet enough, and the consistency is like a very dense mousse. YUMMO YUMMO YUMMO!

If you use a higher % cocoa chocolate bar, it might need a little more sweetness - but this one at 70% is perfect, IMHO.

I think you could make an espresso one by adding some espresso powder to the liquid, a Mexican-inspired one by adding a pinch each of cinnamon and cayenne or ancho chile powder, or do DH's fave - serve with whipped cream and some raspberries on top!

Heck I might even try a tweak on my own pots de creme and use 3 ounces of Black Prince Porter or Young's Chocolate Stout, plus the 1 ounce of cream, in place of the water!
Mmmm! Or the Lindts 70% dark chocolate with chile powder.

What a great recipe! Thanks for sharing.
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