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Jeanne's Yummy Yogurt (makes kids circle like sharks in chummed water!)

Originally Posted by ragtopwife
I use the recipe from this thread:

I don't add the gelatin as some do, but I do toss it in a coffee filter lined strainer and let sit 1/2 hour to drain excess whey. Makes it super thick. Best yogurt I ever had. Very easy, very "forgiving" recipe. I mean I'm making it in a styrofoam cooler for goodness sake!

I'm not sure what to believe on yogurt carb wise (exception or not) so I just do the count for 1 cup yogurt same as 1 cup Hood's Carb Countdown Milk. So 1 cup = 3 carbs.

Hood Calorie Countdown Milk; great stuff if available in your market...

But this Yogurt Recipe will work with cream, or any combo thereof...
even this:
2010 Fall Goals:
drink Water; eat Protein; reduce BF by 4%; watch "Carb Creep" & Sugar intake!

M/R = yoga or pilates or callanetics
W/F = UB strength training (no LB)
T/Sat = cardio (elliptical or treadmill)
Sun = outdoor farm chores!!!!!
+ daily back/body stretches

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