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I too, have gained about 25 of the 42 pounds lost on the program when I originally joined in 2010. I have tried to make it work on my own and have even restarted a few times back in 2011 all to no avail. We had some holiday pictures taken of our work staff and know pictures don't lie. That did it.....I had a come-to-Jesus with myself and prayed I could get into my center the Monday before Thanksgiving. If I couldn't, I feared even more of a downward spiral but restarting the program during Thanksgiving week was brave and oh so worth it because I feel amazing. I've been in ketosis for the last few days and I'm plugging along one day at a time. I believe Jerome Biggars is making an appearance at our clinic tomorrow evening and I hope to meet him since I'll be there getting my 2nd shot for the week. This program was the only one that worked for me and although the $ each week is hard to swallow, I just do what it takes and hope to get to the wellness/maintenance phase this time. Good luck to all and I have looked forward to returning to these boards for support.
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