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It doesn't, really. I really believe that our bodies need nutrients from a lot of different sources, as well as the anti inflammatory effects of some of the additives that I put in. I recently gained a horrible amount of weight because of steroids and amitrityline and I'm trying to take it off as fast as I can.

I'm finally on a new medication that helps my migraines and helps with my appetite. So, now I can finally make progress which I'm doing now.

I want to take the weight off fast, but I still have to protect my health. So, I do the very low carb nutrition blasts and take in enough protein and calcium to protect my muscles and bones.

At some point, I want to slow it down, but right now, I have a goal to take off as much as I can through the end of the year.

Maybe at some point, the smoothies will be meal replacements with protein powders, but for right now, they're just very low carb nutritional support.
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