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3 months on JUDD

Just wanted to share. I know it's not a year, but it's the longest I have been able to stay on a diet in YEARS. No "cheat" days or binges. I just love Judd soooo much. 3 months??? And it's flown by! I am not obsessed with my body (as I would be if I was depriving myself) and every imperfection, and I am happy with my results thus far. I do want to lose more, but I am ok with where I am at right now.

My mom just finished her 5th week on Judd and is feeling the effects. She has lost weight and also thinks Judd is "just so easy."

Still haven't gotten my DH on it, but trying... just because it is so easy and he keeps saying he wants to lose weight! This is something I really truly know I can do forever... FINALLY!
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