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About the powdered Splenda. I bought some a long while back. It was offered right up until they banned selling it here in the US. I think I got the last bit of the sellers stash. It came in a plastic bag with instructions on making the powder a liquid. I still have it (in powdered form) in my cabinet and couldn't even tell you how old it is. I know it is years old though. But it still works just fine. I keep it in powdered form and make just a 3/4 cup worth as needed. That 3/4 cup worth lasts for months too without refrigeration. My hubby was not thrilled with it being in the fridge taking up space so on the counter it sits. I think bobo should be just fine with the stash he just got.......I don't see why any preservatives would be needed if making as needed and not a giant batch?
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