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Originally Posted by Annabel Lee View Post
Other times that I have lost a tremendous amount of weight I have never been able to maintain. This is the first time in my life that when I stopped losing I did not gain it all back. So I guess that is good.
That's beyond good - that's great! If I'm reading your stats right, you've lost nearly 90 lbs - that's amazing! Don't lose sight of that in your desire to lose more. Maintenance is one of the hardest things about weight loss, but you're doing it. Now you just need to find the right macros for you to start losing again.

Originally Posted by Annabel Lee View Post
I think that I am going to give it an other "really good" 4 weeks and if I don't see any loss I am going to look into testing.
Sounds like a good plan. It can take some bodies quite a while (months, even ) to switch into fat-burning mode, even on a ketogenic diet like NK. So patience is key. But if you're not already doing so, I'd encourage you to use a tape measure and go by your measurements rather than the scale. Weight can fluctuate by 5 lbs. in a day, which means the scale is really fickle. If your clothes start feeling looser, you're making progress.
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