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Can you still go to the gym and just do the treadmill or something that does not cause you to strain yourself like doing some curls with very light 2lb weights...just do a few more thatn you would dwith the heavier weight...just be there with your new friends. Depression is awful, I have mild bouts of it myself. Make it a point to do something for YOU...You need to set aside some time durring the day to do this to keep yourself from slipping further into a depression...As for the constipation I have had issues since childhood and find coconut oil and probiotics to be extremely helpful. I also take a magnesium tablet at night and in the a.m. So far so good...Stay away from fiber if already constipated as it will just bind you up more. When taking fiber one has to really up the water intake or it just sucks the fluid there is in the intesines up to bulk up the most cases this just aggrivates the problem...I know that is a very oversimplified explanation but it's the easiest way to explain.
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