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Oh Linda, what an awful accident, does the ibruprofen help enough for the pain? Can't imagine such facial injury, dang!

Hoping Lainey gets better, did you call the doctor for some help?

I'm limping less, myself, lol.

Verleen, that old house is bound to have things going on inside with it, hope it can all be repaired safely and with not too much expense.

Taking the day off, just hanging around here and doing the mall later on, kids are still working today.

Begete, are you doing better now, able to get out into the yard for awhile?

Waving at you guys, Michele, Gladys, Susan, Loretta, Julie in lovely Florida, Anne, Mary, Sharon, and sorry if I left anyone out. Been staying up way too late, playing with grandson and just yapping too usual. Oh, and Hi to Doug!!
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