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LOL Adi! I love the image of a TX shaped waffle!

I might be late to this, but is that a new avi? you are looking VERY slim! :clapping:

Hope your days went well today, Mike, Lisa, and Scarlet

My party went well-- it stopped raining, but we stayed inside until later in the evening, then just a few of us (like, 8?) sat outside, and eventually made smores

I'm still feeling a bit queasy-- I felt better with some food and with the energy of people here, but once they started to leave, I felt icky again. Anyway, looking forward to a DD tomorrow.
I usually want to eat everything in sight when I travel, but I'm thinking I'll stick with some pretzels and diet gingerale for most of the day, then maybe something bland for dinner (my hotelroom has a kitchen, so I can shop and cook for myself for some meals).

ttyl from CA

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