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I was wondering if i could possibly request some information from you knowledgeable folks. I see their are plenty of recipes for flour mixes and blends, but im curious to know if anyone knows the properties of each - not nutritional values, but properties in baking

whey protein isolate
So far i have noted that whey protein isolates seam to create a dense sponge when baked, but is able to rise. when baked with oils it still remains soft.

Flax Meal
gives a grain like texture - havent experimented with it though....

coconut flour
coconut flour so far iv noted it soaks up excess liquid, and dries out a bit, as far as rising or crusting im unsure and would love some feedback on its rising ability, and baking uses

Almond Flour
I think i read Kevinpa stateing that almond meal flour prevents the "rise" in some of his bread rolls, so this could mean almond flour is best suited for pastries, and crunchy goods

Oat fiber ....

Pea protein Flour ...

egg white protein flour ....

pork rind flour .....

hazelnut flour ..

i figure if i investigate what each activity within the flours structure acheives, it will provide a good guide when making a baking mix for the particular item - such as dry, crumbly, crispy flours = cookies, pastries
light, sponge flours = cakes etc
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