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Originally Posted by Deb294evr View Post
Good Morning all! I have been a bad girl not keeping updated daily.. Just a busy time as always.

So good to see you back Jan!!! of course we all remember you.. we were pretty chatty close at one point.. Good to see you trying JUDDD, how do you like it? Always wish I could have done it, but I can't get my head wrapped around the Down Days. Funny because HCG is ALL down days..

Shari, good luck with the Kale Shakes!! I know they always treated you well, and having G do it with you is the best!! I wish I had ANYONE who would like to eat what I do.. but nope.

Izzy I sure hope you get to the bottom of what is causing your pain! I know the last thing you want to think about is any kind of plan, so you just hang in there and do the best you can for yourself..

Julie so nice to see your DD's doing well with VBall. Keeping active will really help them avoid all the diet garbage we have to go through I HOPE!!!! You are doing great with your lifting and also keeping active.. Still something I need to work on myself. I can so relate on you wanting to get that scale number down, but hopefully when you get your meds updated that will help with that. I hate starving myself to get the numbers down, and we all know that won't work in the long run.

Scrappy how are you doing??? Hope all is well.

As for me, I have reset again as of Sept. 1 to a whole new outlook on what I am doing.. I know Julie remembers Matt Stone and his refeeding plan. I did this a few years ago and I loved it. I gained weight though, so that is the drawback.. However! Since I just let go of my dieting brain on Sept. 1 I feel so much more at peace.. I have been yo yoing way too much lately and could never decide or stick to anything. I have decided to let it go for awhile. Get my temps back up and quit depriving myself. So my RESET will be a bit different from yours, but my mood and happiness level is through the roof!!!!

I will continue to post here because hey!!! I AM pushing that reset button..

Hope all of you are enjoying your Holiday if you actually get to NOT WORK..
I do remember Matt stone. RRARF good stuff! And a good decision! I'm doing a smilar reset but with added exercsie (which I know Matt doesn't recommend during your healing portion). I think it's an excellent decision! You can't lose in a constant deficit, and if you do it's not fat, but muscle and other valuable weight not just fat, . Plus, without having fueled your muscles and body you're going to have a hard time maintaining. I really think the low low cals of hcg and the deprivation of Juddd have messed with my mind and body. So my phase of eating to perform is healing and freeing and so good for me! It's odd not to be hungry and deprived, and no longer checking the scale in hopes of a new low. Quite a paradigm shift . Good for you!! Rest, refeed, heal!!

Jan-how's Judd treating you? Hope the dds aren't too bad and you're being rewarded .

Shari-Hope you had a fun weekend and are looking forward to your kale drinks!

Izzy-hope your pain is lessened with the new bed and you're feeling better!

Hi Lisa! Hope you're doing well!

I'm doing well. Like I mentioned in Debs reply above, changing my mindset from deprivation and hunger to fueling and fitness has been quite a change for me. Not one that is as simple as flipping a switch, more like a gradual progression with a few slip ups and then forward progress. . I'm still pressing on and enjoying it. Eating when I'm hungry, focusing on healthier choices but not militant about it, getting in plenty of protein (my first nutritional priority) and lifting at least 3x/week. Any extra exercise is good stuff.

We played sand volleyball at church last night for 2+ hours and had a blast! It sure beasts sitting on the sofa watching tv. it was hysterical and so much fun! It's finally cooling off at night here, so that was a definite bonus!

My weight is holding steady around 168-170. I see the endocrinologist, finally, next week and hope the new meds help me shed some fat. My hair is falling out so much now I fear I'll go bald! It's really bad lately, and you can see and feel the difference (thankfully I started with very thick hair, I can't imagine if I didn't!). So, I'm focused on maintaining weight until I'm on new meds and keeping up the workouts-shooting for more muscle . Doing well, and keeping on keeping on.

Hope youre enjoying this long weekend!
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